The supreme governing body of the Foundation is the General Meeting of the founders of the Fund, to the exclusive competence of which include the following matters: adoption, introduction of amendments and additions to the constituent documents of the Fund; Determination of the Permanent Collegial Management Body and the Supervisory Body, the hearing and approval of their reports; The definition of the main activities of the Foundation, etc.


The Stewardship Council is a permanently acting collegial governing body of the Foundation. The Stewardship Council consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and members of the Stewardship Council (stewards). The Stewardship Council carries out strategic and operational planning of the Fund’s activities, as well as control over the compliance of the Foundation’s activities with its statutory goals,


The executive body of the Foundation is the Executive Council, consisting of project coordinators and representatives, headed by the Executive Director appointed by the decision of the Board of Trustees of the Fund for a period of 3 (three) years. The Fund’s executive body acts on the basis of and in compliance with the decisions of the Supreme Management Body and the Permanent Collegial Management Body of the Fund (the Board of Trustees) and is accountable to them.